Where are Your Memoirs?

Life is a sequence of moments. Some of them are good, others are bad and few of them are great. And all of them makes your life’s memoirs, a kind of logbook that makes you what you are.

This month I’m starting a new adventure. After almost 8 years working together with my friends and mates of Unkasoft, it’s time to move on and start new things. I’m absolutely proud of the job done these years. We’ve made from scratch a great company, I met some of my current friends and a lot of talented people and I feel happy to leave them with a huge opportunity ahead to finally make a first class game with Numbered. Good luck my friends!

So when I started to look for a new project last summer, only one thing was clear: I wanted to work in a startup, as small and new as possible. It’s risky, but I really like taking risks and be commited from the very beginning. So few months later, one common friend introduced me to Lee Hoffman and Angela Kim. We started to talk (well, they talked and I barely understood) and a couple of weeks later it seemed that they were looking a guy like me and I was looking a startup like theirs. Love at first sight (:

So here we are, working in their brand new startup called YourMemoir. It’s still unveiled but soon we’ll make the public lauch.

The best thing of working with people like Angela and Lee is I can learn from them, from a superb team and from people I really admire like Joel Spolsky and Eric Ries, both advisors and investors in the company. It’s absolutely a privilege for me. And to cap it all, I’m having the opportunity to live in NYC for several months and then come back to my town.

An amazing year is ahead with lot of experiences to be lived!

Stay tuned!

Published: January 09 2013

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